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We live in the desert so we live with scorpions – there’s no way around that. However, it’s one thing to have scorpions trolling around eating the bugs out in our yards. It’s quite another thing when they’re in our homes, hiding in the wall voids, attic, our shoes and who knows where else. Although they don’t want anything to do with humans, they will absolutely sting a person if they feel threatened. Like if you climb into bed and there’s a scorpion hiding under the sheets. If – or when – you roll over on him, he’s going to sting you. It’s just that simple. Or, like a guy I knew several years ago, you’re getting ready for work and when you pull your boot on, the bark scorpion that’s hiding in there stings you five times before you can get the boot off. Yes – that actually happened. It’s no big surprise that that gentleman had us do a scorpion sealing for him right away.

Scorpion are just a normal part of living in the Phoenix Arizona area and always will be. But you do have some options and some control when it comes to providing your family with a scorpion-free home. One of the most often search terms as it pertains to pest control in Arizona is ‘How To Get Rid Of Scorpions’. That’s because they are creepy. And they’re hard to get rid of if they become established inside of your home. A great – and consistent – pest control service is pretty much a must. Especially on the outside as that’s where they come from. If you let them have free range in your yard you will have more of them in your home. So keeping the scorpions and their food source at bay is an important part of any effective scorpion control program. Another thing that’s important as far as the outside goes is to reduce and/or eliminate conditions that are conducive to a scorpion problem. In other words, take away as many places as possible where they are comfortable hiding and hanging out. Sealing up the cracks in a block wall is a great example (scorpions love hiding inside of block walls). Don’t have a bunch of wood and other things laying flat on the ground. If there’s a piece of plywood laying flat n the ground you will almost certainly have critters hanging out under there, including scorpions. Keep moisture under control as over watering and leaks will draw all sorts of critters here in the desert. Remember: where there’s critters there will often be scorpions. Ever notice how guys hang around hamburger joints? Same principal:)

As far as the inside of your home goes, and that’s where the rubber really hits the road, there are things that should be done, as well. I really like the use of sticky traps inside as they not only catch scorpions (every critter that gets caught is a critter that’s not cruising around the house) but they also let you know where they are being caught. So if you have traps set all over the house and you consistently catch scorpions only in one room or one are of the home you can bet there’s something going on there. A hole or a good hiding spot of some sort that’s attracting the scorpions and allowing entry to that area. Also, you want to make sure that you’re not creating hiding spots with clutter – especially in the garage. Although I don’t like to use any more pesticides in the house than necessary, if you have a scorpion problem you may need to treat the inside, too. Your licensed pest control technician can help you make those decisions as they are a little different for every situation.

If your scorpion problem persists and you really want to get rid of the scorpions, the home seal or scorpion sealing is the way to go. But be careful: we’ve seen an awful lot of home seals that were not done correctly or that were done with inferior products. So the home owner still has scorpions or the effectiveness only lasts for a short time and they’re right back where they started. Really, if the home sealing is done correctly and with the correct products it should make a marked difference in the number of critters found inside of the home and last for years. NOTE: I do recommend having it checked every couple of years as the home its self will move and settle and some small gaps make open back up. That has little to do with the quality of the home seal and should be considered regular maintenance.

Regardless: if you have scorpions, shake out your shoes, clothing and bedding; teach young children not to touch a scorpion and to tell you right away if they think they’ve seen one; be careful when bring stuff in from outside or the garage as scorpions travel in boxes, etc extremely well; and I recommend using a black light at night to hunt down and exterminate any that are found on your property. And. Get. A. Home. Seal. Good luck!

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"The scorpion sealing they did for us really worked. Well worth the money! - Jed B


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Our team of AZDA Licensed & Pre-Screened Scorpion Sealing Pros can help! We have thousands of happy Scorpion Control Customers throughout the Metro Phoenix Arizona area. You just won't find a better scorpion sealing company Phoenix AZ.

They have Bark Scorpion specific applications and they guarantee the results. Combine that service with our Professional Home Sealing Service and scorpions don’t have a chance. And the Home Seal with pay for it's self in energy savings over time. What a great deal!

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"These guys really know how to get rid of scorpions! So glad we hired them. - Billie M

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